Monday, September 11, 2006

Kimberly S. Bowers

I have never met you, and I never will.

Five years ago, I woke up and the world was changing, but you would never see how.

I am now 31 years old, the same age you were when you died, and it feel like life is just now getting interesting.

I stood there in a towel watching my television and stared in disbelief at what I saw and somewhere in there, somewhere in all of that was you. Since taking this on I wonder what it was like, what must have gone through your head.

I haven’t been able to find much out about you, other than where you worked and a small picture. It is a fairly daunting task to pay tribute to someone who meant so much to so many other people. You had family who loved you, people who still love you, who still miss you, and all I can think about is the way things are for the rest of the world 5 years later. I have tried writing so many different things since I started this, each time starting over, some of it sounding pompous, some of it contrived, none of it really meaning anything. In a larger scale I wonder whether we will ever really find meaning in those events, it seems like every year we try.

In the last week I have tried to get a better understanding of everything that happened that day. I have seen pictures of others who died there, I have seen a documentary about government conspiracies, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are gone and those who love you probably don’t care as much about the how’s and why’s as they do about you not being in their lives.

I am a Pastor at a church in Canada. I said a prayer for your family today, and even though I may not know who they are, God does.


allisone said...

I said a prayer as well.
I did not know Kimberly, but I remember.

CP said...

Kimberly was a good friend of my best friend. She was a wayward, kooky kind of girl who never really caught a break in her young life. Most people who knew her said she was a brave kid, the kind who sticks up for herself.

Thank you for doing her tribute.